Saturday, April 21, 2012

Party on the Poo Porch!

Just so everyone is aware.  This is what I'm doing.  On a Friday Night.  At 1am.  (and yes, i agree.  the spice girls are best as spoken word.)  PS jack your audio up, though the dance party is loud in person, it's less noticeable on the flip.

I bet you wish you all lived here with me....IN THE 1990's!  (enter here Brunswick joke that no one will get.)

Other popular hits include:

Love Shack
Coco Jamboo
Daft Punk
and...TEENAGE DIRT BAG?  Touche, Australia, I respect you for that one.  and everyone who is singing along right now.  and if you're not?  you don't know what you're missin'.


  1. You laugh now, but this will be us once we get SingStar working.

  2. If only they had teenage dirtbag on singstar!