Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Flashback: Cinderkins.

After Shawn's parents vacated Australia, (and we moved), the very next day we had Shawn's (AND MY) friend Cindy here.  Cindy is a charming girl. I sometimes I like to consider her my default sister in law.  Shawn has known her for approximately forever, and I figure if he had a sister, she should be like Cindy.  So she gets fake sister in law status.  I also like to keep her around because much like a sister, she makes fun of Shawn.  This provides me with endless hours of amusement. 

I would like to say we had many adventures, but mostly my part of the adventures consisted of playing on Cindy's I-pad, going to ikea to buy stuff for our new apartment, AND seeing a performance of all 7 Harry Potter movies in 90 minutes.  Note if you ever plan on seeing it: The first half of the show was lame, but after some audience participation, things picked up.  I will give Cinderkins a shout out for embracing the Aussie tradition of the choc-top.  Yup, here at movies and theatre, they eat chocolate covered ice cream cones.  That's a thing.  It never fails to crack me up.

Completely natural to have ice cream at the theatre
We did was visit the ACMI.  You may remember that from my video game post, but besides just looking at the video game exhibit, I never bothered to check out the rest of the museum.  I regret that, because it's pretty cool. (except the no photos things.)  SO NATURALLY, we took a few pictures on the sly.  (I had more but Shawns computer hard drive died, so no video of this display.  guess i'll have to be sneaky again)  There were cool displays on Hollywood costumes, Aussie TV and some interactive displays.

When this thing spins around, it makes it look animated. It's epic.
 We all also took some time to pretend we were in the Matrix.  Lesson learned.  We can't jump.


But we look cool.

We also celebrated Cindy's birthday while she was here.  In honor of that, I took her out for a girls day of mani-pedi's and an afternoon lunch and punch at Madame Brussels.  House of Ill-repute turned adorable theme bar.  We got to hold parasols.  Enough said.

This should be frequent in everyone's life.

You CANNOT hate a bar that sports badminton rackets.

Madame Brussels is a bit cheeky.  I wish I had discovered it while Alyssa was here!  (Reason to come back?)

We had a few delightful weeks with Cindy before she headed back to the states. And even if I didn't get to go on too many adventures, she did get to do a fair bit of exploring with Shawn.

Next up: Australia Zoo and the Sunshine Coast.  Or how to get your dreams crushed in 3 easy steps! 

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