Monday, October 8, 2012

The 5 stages of...oh good grief, we're moving again?

Every two years, for the past 10 years or so, I move.  This was somewhat acceptable in my nomad/college life, but as I've gotten older and acquired more stuff, it's become sort of a pain.  And we're to the point where paying off our family and friends to help us move with pizza and beer is becoming more of a taboo.

So when we ditched most of our worldly possessions to move to Australia, we thought, oh joy, we won't have to do this for the next few years!  And even though this fit our typical pattern, we knew that firstly, when we moved back to the states, we'd only have like 7 suitcases in tow, and secondly, we KNEW we'd be going back.

For those of you who've been keeping track, we've had some issues with our apt in croydon.  you may remember the Great Toilet String Incident of April 2012.  we've also had a leaking ceiling water feature in the guest bedroom since we've moved in.  and a few weeks ago, finally fed up that we could no longer use either of our balconies and all the construction going on, we filed paperwork to go to court and amend the situation. 

Ammending the situation turned out to be an email from the real estate agent letting us know the landlord was releasing us from our lease without any penalties.  It was a time saver, because then we didn't have to go to court.  Which was nice, but still, instead of things getting fixed, we were now looking for a new apartment.

Now don't get me wrong, the apartment in croydon is nice in its' own way and it's practically a sprawling mansion.  it's got two floors and two bathrooms, and that's pretty sweet.  so we knew if we'd be heading in closer to the city that we'd have to make some compromises.  We looked at a few kinda skanky places (one with a resident huntsman) and finally Shawn found a nice (tiny) two bedroom with a bath and air conditioning and a dishwasher in the city in a fancy, new apartment tower.  It also has an awesome SKY GARDEN, where I will be spending relaxing weekends and evenings in the sunshine.  (and a gym and a sauna and a media room!)

If you've been paying attention you'll also know that from September 20th until November 11th, Shawn and i have visitors.  three different sets.  So now we were juggling school, work, visitors, AND moving.  we like a challenge.

Of course now that I've literally got one day to pack, I'm sort of having some issues with it.

I bring you Devon's 5 Stages of Packing Grief.

Stage 1: Denial.  We got the apartment quite some time ago.  Have I even considered packing anything before today?  No.  Y'know why?  Packing is so easy!  We don't have any stuff.  it'll all fit in like...a suitcase.  Boxes?  heh.  We don't need no stinkin' boxes.  Besides, the move is soooooo far away.


Stage 3: Bargaining.  I would be willing to shell out cash money for someone to do this for me.  Also, if someone could just fix the stuff wrong with our current apartment (and magically move it closer to the city) I wouldn't have to move at all!

Stage 4: Depression.  (<---my current stage)  Moving is horrid.  Moving quickly is even more horrid.  I don't even want to be doing this right now.  I just want to take a nap.  My body is shutting down.  I'm having serious thoughts of just crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head in hopes this will all magically pack itself...or like just writing a blog instead about moving. (whoops, did i just jump back to denial?)

Stage 5: Acceptance.....yeah.  I'm not sure I'm going to get there.  But I have packed some suitcases, and that's a start.

That being said, since Australia is the 1950's, our internets might be down for bit.  When I get back (in an approximated 14 day waiting period), I'll tell you all about my exciting Sydney adventures, my new best friend the owl and the ice cream of my native land!

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