Monday, September 10, 2012

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it....

I promised a *brand new blog*!  So, here goes.  About a month ago, I was chatting with my friend Nicole about her adventures in her new city of LA.  Wanting to encourage her to find me a shabu shabu restaurant explore her surroundings, she came up with the excellent idea of giving her tasks to accomplish while in her new environment.  It turned into Mission:LA where Nicole requests that people on her facebook suggest things she should do in LA (re: find me that shabu shabu place, Nicole, I need it.) to help her acclimate to her town.  Seeing as stealing imitation is the highest form of flattery, I present MISSION:MELBOURNE.  That’s right.  You tell me to do something, I do it.  Can’t make it out here to visit?  Ask me to do something for you!  Hey Devon, go pat a shark*.  Done.  Hey Devon, go eat some ox tongue*.  Done.  Hey Devon, jump out of a plane.  Actually, no.  That won’t happen.  BUT!  Think I should take a surfing lesson (even though I am terrified of the ocean and the blue ringed octopus?) or learn how to throw a boomerang while I’m here?  Sick of seeing me pat only furry animals?  Consider it done and see your idea on one of my blog posts!

Leave your comments for things I should do.  Help me learn about Melbourne and Australia!   

*Sharks are rough and ox tongue is chewy, for the record.


  1. Are you going to drive out to see the "Big Red Rock?". It's supposed to be a similar experience to seeing the Grand Canyon here...

    1. Yes we are planning a trip to Uluru (Ayer's rock). We are waiting for family who also have an interest in coming with us, since it's pricey and we don't want to make more than 1 trip :)