Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Blogger: Shawn!

Well, isn't this a treat?  Today we've got a guest blogger, my husband Shawn.  We have likened this situation to Family Circus Cartoons where little Billy takes over for his Dad.  And now that I've compared my blog to a Family Circus cartoon....I think it's definately time to hand this over to Shawn:

I am fairly confident in my assumption that not a lot of you dear readers who come to this blog have ever played a lot of Fantasy Sports. No I am not talking about Unicorn Horseshoes or the like, but the yearly male obsession (and sometimes female) of combining sports, numerous stats and overly complicated math formulas, all coming together to form into the new age pissing contest.  Doesn’t fit me at all right?
                Right, so the point is that this genre has helped produced one of my favorite (and easiest to write) styles. This is the almighty list of list, and in most cases a top 10 best list. Pretty simple to understand, I write lists, with tens things each, you then read them.
                As today, Monday, August 20th 2012 is the 1st of what will be many anniversaries with my beautiful wife, your down under blogger Devon,  have themed these lists around her. Some, of course have nothing to do with anything really, but that’s just because sometimes I can’t even form complete sentences let alone a whole list. Onward then.
                Devon’s Top 10 Favorite Sports Athletes (at least from my perspective in no particular order)
1.       Eli Manning
2.       Peyton Manning
3.       Cooper Manning
4.       Tom Brady
5.       Dhani Jones
6.       Felix Pie
7.       Nick Markakis
8.       Reggie Miller
9.       Baby Daisuke
10.   Albert Pooooooholes (Spelled Phonetically)

What is fun to note is that I have thrown in someone who absolutely is NOT a favorite of my wife’s. It’s like the old Sesame Street segment “One of these things is not like the other."

These were always super hard as a kid…. ok they are super hard now, forget age at all. I mean who would have guessed that the guy in the upper right hand corner is not a ukelele owning hipster and is in fact doing the wrong thing? We all learned in school, pretending to be something you’re not is wrong. I mean the skullcap does its best to hide the truth, but let's look closer shall we. Notice the Abercrombie and Fitch shirt?? How about the  Orangy- Brown covered walls…does he honestly look like he knows that colors Pantone number?? Didn’t think so. The other 3 are clear. Who shoots themselves playing a ukulele in black and white? Whose artistic expression is verse through a stunning interpretation of deconstructed ukulele? And the third guy is clearly in his old room back at mom’s house and pushing 30 (don’t judge he’s saving money to produce his indie film based on a struggling actor whose latest role is about a down on his luck writer, writing a screen play about of a penniless ukelele player...also thanks mom for letting me live at home after college)

Wow, barely even into the lists and I am already pretty fired up. Interestingly enough I have always had this innate ability to get WAY too excited for absolutely no reason. When I have reason to be excited, well sometimes…it’s the exact opposite. For those that witnessed my birthday at tiny house, I am still apologizing for not jumping out of my pants at swimming with a shark, stone-faced ftw.  Exsists though a medium that without fail gets me uber excited, and with draws the ire of my wife.
Top 10 Disney Channel Original Movies in order of how fired up I get.
1.       Jump In
2.       Going to the Mat
3.       Luck of the Irish
4.       Starstruck
5.       Lemonade Mouth
6.       Eddie’s Million dollar cook off
7.       Minutemen
8.       Motocrossed
9.       Hatching Pete
10.   Now you see it…

( Author’s note:  My favorite movie on here hands down is Luck of the Irish. Go see it now if you haven’t. Don’t even finish reading this, run out now, see it and come back, I’ll still be here. There don't you feel better.)

I don't think she understands...could she have been born without heartstrings too be tugged at??(alright in all fairness the roles here are reversed....she gets very emotional at certain movies, which is really cute. I on the other hand become a weepy pile only when Artax is taken by the Swamp of Sadness.....why are you so sad Artax....and I'm crying..see easy peasy)

I am fairly certain though that my knowledge of "the classics" is what escalated me to the forefront of all the suitors that would come to call on Devon. I mean she did graduate with a degree in film so it only makes sense that she would fall madly and unexplainably in love with a film connoisseur like myself. 

So Devon has made most of her blogs about the escapades of Australia. Apparently the general consensus is that all we do is look/pat/snuggle/photograph animals. It is a passion of ours, and as such we spend a good amount of time debating the wonders of australian animals

Top 10 Australian animals 

1. Wombat
2. Wombat
3. Wombat
4. Wombat
5. 2 Wombats ( Lower on the list because its hard to give equal affection to both)
6. Wombat
7. Wombat
8. Wombat
9. Wombat
10. Tasmanian Devils

Yeah I am sure you thought they would all be wombat, but you gotta give some love to the tazzy (for real, they need the love)  I really don't know how to explain this any better. You've seen the photos.

I am willing to testify that they are the cutest things ever.....well except for maybe.....

See what I almost did there. I thought about adding lots of pictures of Devon and I but lets be honest with each other. Much cuter in person anyway. Plus I think we have one total picture of us that one of the two of us doesn't look like a total goober.Besides you have plenty of blog reading time left before we leave Australia, I will make sure it is spent looking at me and her, doing stuff, looking awesome. your welcome.

Alright so while I like lists and all and this has been fun there is a specific reason that I wanted to hijack Devon's blog. 

Top to Reason's why I love Devon (Reverse style cause I am tricky)

10. Everything is fair game for a random song
9. All the little light bulb moments.....Friend-z eh?
8.Her sense of justice, or better yet willingness to stand up against  injustice
7.Having a great partner for Halloween costume duo's
6. Professor, Morgif, Reverend Duck, Lumpy and all the other Stuffy Crew
5.Her willingness to let me win every single video game (and letting me to use toadette)
4.Allowing me to be a huge dork, and not making me sleep on the couch for it
3.She's funny...i guess...sometimes...well to me at least
2.Her love of animals....most specifically our boys C&R...we miss you guys
1.Her ability to make always me happy....nobody does it better, ever....Happy anniversary muffin, first of a million together. All my love.


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